Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit All Children

Playground design has changed over the years. In the 1980s and 1990s, playgrounds consisted of multi-level platforms with slides, jungle gyms and monkey bars, as well as swings – bucket swings for babies and standard swings for older kids. Although enjoyed by the majority of children who played on them, this playground design restricted who could utilize it and the experiences gained from playing on it.

Positive Impact of Parks on Communities

In the technology-centric world we live in, the latest smartphone, tablet, and gaming system are ever present in the lives of adults and children, alike. And no matter how advanced these devices become, they will be outdated as soon as they hit stores. Parks, on the other hand, are timeless, and they are more than just playgrounds. Today, parks include fitness equipment and running/walking trails, along with open spaces for athletic activities, picnics, community events, and even concerts. Playground equipment is inclusive, providing social opportunities for children to interact with others who may have different social, developmental skills, and ability levels.

The Role of Playgrounds in Child Development

Handicap Accessible Playground Equipment

Swinging, climbing, games, and free play are more than activities children participate in to release energy. What we view as mindless play is, in fact, developing a multitude of skills. Swinging helps develop balance and coordination, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Playing on overhead equipment, such as monkey bars, expand these skills as well. Climbing promotes body awareness and directionality, while also developing their problem-solving and making predictions. Playing ball games gives children the opportunity to increase motor coordination skills, learn how to follow rules, how to strategize and problem-solve, and how to communicate with others. Free play encourages communication and, therefore, increases vocabulary and socialization skills.

Hurricanes and Playgrounds

Your playground was designed for normal wear and tear, and in most instances will weather the inclement weather just fine.  But there are a few things you can do prior to help it survive the storm, as well a few things to check on afterward. Before the storm: It goes without saying that anything loose around the playground area needs …

Inclusive Play: Fun For Every Child

Experts agree collaborative play is vital in the development of mental and physical health and social skills in children and adults. Important social skills are learned in collaborative play which carry over into adulthood. In recent years, communities have been actively involved in redesigning or creating recreation areas which will serve all groups of people; children of different ages, genders, …

Find the Right Outdoor Playground Equipment for Early Childhood Development

When we think of small children playing on the playground, we smile. What many people don’t realize is how important in a child’s development this time on the playground can be. There is abundant research on the benefits of playground play in the development of children’s social/emotional, physical, sensory, cognitive and communication skills. When children are involved in unstructured playing, …

Benefits of a Dog Park

With the increasing number of studies and research cases focused on dog behavior, communities are rapidly adding dog parks in subdivisions, county parks and other park like areas.  These dog parks now include equipment tested and designed specifically with dogs in mind. Some benefits of off-leash dog parks for dogs and their owners: According to the ideal dog park should …

Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a Must in Local Community Parks

Think park playgrounds are just for children? Think again! The playground is now a place where families can come together for recreation and fitness: today’s modern parks are being built with adult and children’s fitness in mind. It used to be that an adult would find it difficult to fit into all the playground equipment nooks and crannies, however new …