Nature Play Schemes

The NatureRocks product line includes playground boulders and nature-themed play elements that are ideal for any outdoor setting. Children are drawn to the natural look of NatureROCKS and to the limitless active and creative play opportunities they provide.

Nature-Themed Play Events

NatureROCKS nature-themed play elements are ideal park and playground pieces. Children will have fun as they hop, walk and climb from boulder to stump to log—all while developing balance, coordination, strength, endurance and problem solving skills! NatureRocks are a great way to incorporate nature play into any park or playground. Contact a Sales Rep Today!

Playground Boulders

Looking to add a dynamic and authentic outdoor climbing experience to your park or playground? NatureRocks™ are the most rock-realistic™ climbing boulders on the market today. Their thoughtful design invites participation by a variety of ages and ability levels – from children to experienced adult rock climbers. Climbing is not only fun, but also encourages problem solving while developing strength, balance and endurance. In addition, NatureRocks are a great way to incorporate nature play into your playground or park. They are a boulder way to play!™ Contact a Sales Rep Today!