Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Did you know that today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day?

The first Teddy bears, invented in 1903, may not have been as cute as the one's made today, but interestingly enough were invented by two different people at around the same time. One person lived in the U.S. and the other in Germany. Obviously, with the lack of communication as we have today, they were not even aware of each other.

Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was Teddy, teddy bears became so popular that many toymakers started to make them. By 1906, they were so popular and there were so many different kinds of bears, even grown women used to carry around bears like little children. The president even used one as a mascot!

Celebrated mainly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and in some parts of Europe, the origins of this unofficial holiday are unknown. However, the holiday appears to owe its name to a song of the same name by American composer, John Walter Bratton, and Irish lyricist, Jimmy Kennedy.

It is also unclear what the holiday aimed to achieve. It could be that the anonymous creators of this holiday wanted parents to encourage creativity by taking their children out with their bears for a picnic in the outdoors. Maybe toy manufacturers created the holiday to encourage teddy bear purchases. Who knows?

What we do know is that today is the perfect opportunity to get out to the park with your children and their favorite stuffed bear to have a picnic!

How to Celebrate?

Today with stay at home orders ending, why not arrange an outing with friends and family, to enjoy the summer sun, fun and games, and creativity with your children and their favorite toys? Take the kids outside to your local park for a picnic, along with their stuffed bears. If the picnic must be at home, what about setting a pillow tent in the middle of your living room and treat your kids’ teddy bears to a picnic?

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July – National Park & Recreation Month

Celebrating the National Park & Recreation takes a whole month! This July, let's pay tribute to the men and women who manage our majestic national parks and recreation areas. These unsung heros provide essential services that make our communities better places to live, work and play. These frontline staff are confronting our most pressing health, environmental and social challenges on a daily basis. These issues include homelessness, substance use disorders, the obesity epidemic and other chronic health issues like Covid-19, and other flus and viruses.

During the stay-at-home orders over the last few months, we can all agree how important the outdoors and nature are. Where would we be without those who help us establish and maintain our quality of life by contributing to the physical, economic, and environmental well-being of us all.

This month, let's celebrate our local parks and recreation centers by encouraging the exploration of our national parks to enjoy outdoor activities. Parks not only support the enviroment by cleaning water, preserving wildlife and offering refuge to animals throughout the seasons, they also create connections across communites. Parks encourage people to congregate (easy to practice social distancing in a park!), explore nature, enjoy sports, beaches, trails and a host of other recreational activities.

Take time to go to your local park with your family and raise awareness about the important contribution that parks make to our enviroment and communites. Join us in celebrating throughout the month by sharing your park and recreation story with pics using the hashtag #WeAreParksAndRec.

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National Selfie Day

**WIN a Starbuck's GIFT** In our Pet Selfie Contest!! ENTER TO WIN. In honor of National Selfie Day on June 21st, we thought we'd do a twist on the day that is usually about checking your hair, finding the right light and striking a pose. This year, let's have a little fun and do something DIFFERENT!

HOW TO ENTER: Take a selfie picture of you and your best PET FRIEND(s) and post it as a comment on our National Selfie Day post on Facebook. Also make sure to "LIKE" our page! Four (4) lucky winners will be selected no later than Friday, June 26th. Winners will receive a $25 Starbuck's gift card to treat yourself to some coffee (and maybe a puppuccino for your pet friend)! GOOD LUCK! May the best Pet Selfie Win!

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National Children’s Day

Did you know that Chidren's Day started in 1856 as a special day to Baptize children? This day was originally named 'Rose Day.' and over time through various presidential declarations, it is now generally celebrated on the second Sunday in June.

National Children's Day 2020 is a great day to celebrate those whose lives have certainly been turned up-side down with stay-at-home orders during this period of time called "COVID19." Being unable to attend school and see their friends, most have had to amuse themselves (many with digital games and television) while parents often have to work from home. With things beginning to look a bit normal, why not use this as an opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun!

Why not celebrate with an outdoor excursion, perhaps, to one of our Nations Great Outdoors Parks. Or, take the kids to a local park and enjoy a picnic, perhaps fly a kite, take a hike or ride bikes! The younger children might enjoy a trip to the the local playground to meet up with their friends for a play date.

Make this a slow-down-the-fast-paced-lives-day, turn off technology and have time connecting with each other. This time together can certainly make a child feel cherished, loved and appreciated.

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National Best friends’ Day

Today, on National Best friends’ Day, take time to celebrate that special someone(s) from your life. It's even more important now as many of you have been isolated from friends during the recent stay-at-home orders, to reconnect and enjoying time spent with your best friends’ is a great way to transition to normal life.

And, the impact of the stay-at-home orders was likely felt quite heavily by our children who have had a difficult time staying away from their friends.  Today is a perfect day to ensure that your kids have a chance to celebrate and maybe doing some exciting with their "bestie."

For Tweens and Teens, think of arranging a sleepover. Maybe plan a picnic at a local park, or maybe a playground date to reconnect! Or, perhaps that best friend is a dog or another kind of animal. If so, take the pair to a local Dog Park.

Whatever way you choose to reconnect with your best friend(s), make it a memorable occasion and think about getting outdoors in nature. It is so important to our overall health and wellbeing, especially during these very trying times.

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The National Great Outdoors Month

This June, take some time to celebrate National Great Outdoors month. With the lifting or easing of stay-at-home orders, most people are keen on getting outside to enjoy nature! Now may be the time to explore this great nation's abundant wildlife refuges, parks and areas of natural beauty.

Traditonally, this month raises awareness on easy access to the great outdoors and the many ways you might find to bring awareness to enjoying the great outdoors. Wherever you choose to hike, bike or enjoy the water this year, the amazing beauty and majesty in the big skies and open spaces in the great outdoors should definitely be appreciated!
No matter where you live, there is likely a national park open near you as the national park system is allowing increased access in a phased approach across the country. So, it may be a good idea to check if your closest or preferred park has opened up to the public. To find information about the National Parks: https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/news/public-health-update.htm

Other ways to celebrate? Take an outdoor photography class, go bird watching, visit a historical site or museum at a national park. No matter what you do, you will surely enjoy this great American holiday!
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Recommendations for Cleaning


At Bliss Products, we are just as anxious as anyone to get out there and play again! And, as the shelter-at-home laws begin to loosen, there's been a lot of attention on disinfecting public playgrounds in anticipation of demand.

Whether you follow the CDC or manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning, we'd like to remind you to pay special attention to spots where cleaning solutions can pool, which can sometimes happen at the bottom of slides or on molded hand holds and other areas. This can create health issues if our kids come into contact with them.

Placing some signage to let users know that a playground has been disinfected and with what chemicals, is a very good idea. This will help people know that the equipment has been cleaned and will prevent issues with allergies or other sensitivities.



We can probably all agree that parents and kids have been spending way too much time indoors. Parents have been working online from home and kids have been finishing up their school year online. And, everybody has been PLAYING online. It's safe to say we are ALL very likely to want to celebrate "Take Your Parents to the Playground Day." And, while you may yet be unable to go to your local playground, EVERYONE can use some fresh air! So, there are certainly other options available to ensure that everybody gets a chance to spend time in the outdoors today on this fun holiday!

Perhaps you might consider a nice picnic and a walk at your local park. Or, perhaps an outing might be in order to a state park for a mini-hike. You could even plan something in your backyard. Whatever you chose to do or wherever you choose to go, there are huge benefits to physical outdoor activity no matter what your age. This activity builds strong healthy muscles and bones and engages children’s imagination, leading to greater creativity and self-confidence. The more children play, the healthier, smarter and happier they are. And that actually goes for parents too!

Even if you choose to spend this fun holiday on the living room floor having a picnic, make sure it’s a fun filled play extravaganza. Why not share stories of your favorite playground memories? Mom and Dad can even share playground stories from when THEY were kids...

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National Puppy Day


Puppies!!! Who can resist? Guaranteed to bring a smile to any face. And today, National Puppy Day, is that day of the year when we recognize the unconditional love and affection that puppies bring to our lives.

Use this day to bring awareness to the undeniably cute furballs that bring so much happiness into this world. National Puppy Day is also intended to raise awareness to the sharp practices which face our world, namely puppy mills who breed puppies for sale with a large focus on making money with no real regards to the puppy overpopulation.

Today is a day where we can focus our attention on puppies in need of adoption and to remember that people who have one or more pets in their homes lead happier lives, are often healthier, live longer, and even weigh less than those who don't.

There are many ways to celebrate puppies! Here are some ideas you can do to celebrate this day, even with the "social distancing" we are all being asked to practice:

  1. Look for puppy images online and share them on social media.

  1. Do a puppy photoshoot - If you have a puppy, no matter what age, do a mini photoshoot with your best fur friend.

  1. Make some dog treats for your dog! -Every puppy loves delicious homemade treats, so why not do an internet search and whip up a few tasty morsels.

  1. Get your pup a new toy from a small local pet shop business to celebrate, perhaps a squeaky one! (Smaller shops tend to have fewer people and support local businesses).

  1. Donate some time or money to a pet shelter near you...

  1. Take your dog to the dog park nearby. Being outside, you can still practice "social distancing" but get some fresh air for you and your pet!

Whatever you do today make it a puppy filled day of love, licks and happiness.

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Make A Dog’s Day

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, today might be the very best day as it is National Make a Dog’s Day! This fun holiday is an opportunity to not only encourage people to visit dog shelters but to also remind animal lovers everywhere that they should adopt rather than “shop for a new pet.”

What could make a shelter dog’s day any better than to be adopted! Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters in the United States every year, many of them are relinquished from their existing owners who, for a variety of reasons, have to part with their pet. You could be giving a dog a loving new home today if you go for a visit to the local shelter.

Adoption of a dog is only one way that we can make a real impact on this day, but if our favorite canine companion were to give voice to their wants, they might tell us an extra long walk or perhaps a visit to the local park or Dog Park might be high on their list. When was the last time you took your pet to the dog park? Undoubtedly a chew toy might also feature high on our companion’s list but sometimes they just want to play. A simple tennis ball can often be just as much fun as the expensive squeaky toy.

While you might concentrate on bringing awareness to dogs in shelters or the need to exercise more often at the local park, you might also take the opportunity to bring awareness to other areas which are just as important in your fur babies’ life.

  • Regular check-ups. Check with your veterinarian for the schedule that fits your dog.
  • Different schedules apply depending on where you live.
  • Spay or neuter your pet. Beyond the health benefits, unplanned puppies cause the population in shelters to increase.

There are many ways to make an impact in a dog’s life and this is just one National day a year.  But besides visiting shelters and pursuing adoption you might volunteer in some capacity at a dog shelter. You might stop by a shelter and bring some toys, or new blankets or some other kind of treat. It sure will break the monotony and make a dog’s day! If you are already an owner, take the extra time today to give your pet some extra love in the way you know they love. Take lots of pictures and post them online and encourage those around you to be more aware of their own pets, especially dogs.

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