Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Manufacturer’s Representative?

Bliss Products and Services, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative agency created in 1984. A manufacturer selects an agency to ensure compliance to current Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for Public Playgrounds as well as providing customers with a local contact to inspect sites, meet with committees and coordinate projects.

What is our lead time?

Lead times vary by manufacturer but in general are usually between 6 and 18 weeks from when your order is placed.  Lead times vary and we try and display accurate product related lead times on the actual product in the store.  Please check with Head Office for the most up to date lead time available for a particular product.

How will our equipment be delivered?

Small orders can be delivered via UPS but the majority of our products require delivery via contract haulers (semi trucks).

Who unloads the freight?

Freight companies generally require the customer to offload their equipment. Arrangements can sometimes be made for lift gate service if requested at the time of your order for an additional fee. We can also unload your freight if our installation is ordered.

Is there a charge for a site visit?

There is no charge for a site visit.

How long will it take to install?

Installations vary depending on the scope of the project. Small playgrounds can be installed in one day.

Can we install it ourselves?

Yes. Installation instructions are included but we suggest it should only be considered by customers familiar with heavy construction. This is not backyard equipment!

What’s the warranty?

Warranties vary by manufacturer. Call for more information.

If we do our own installation does it void the warranty?

No, provided you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

What are CPSC and ASTM?

Consumer Product Safety Commission and American Society of Testing and Materials have created guidelines and standards for playground safety. For more information on CPSC and ASTM, CLICK HERE.  ( insert link to safety links )

Does our playground have to comply with these standards?

In very rare instances it may not, however these standards were created with children’s safety in mind and should be adhered to regardless.

What is IPEMA?

The International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association provides third party verification for compliance to ASTM standards. Please note that being a member is not the same as having products certified. View more information on IPEMA.  (INSERT SAFETY LINKS )

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disability Act affects public playground designs and access. As with CPSC and ASTM, there are some rare instances when ADA does not apply. Check with our representative for more information. View more information on ADA.

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