There are many health benefits of off-leash dog parks for both humans and dogs to include stress reduction, heart health, weight management and cholesteral levels. Not only are bark parks an enjoyable way to recreate and exercise for both dog owners and their dogs, they help create community destinations which is a great social benefit. Bark parks keep individuals and dogs fit and active, increase both of their enjoyment of the outdoors and connectivity among people living in the area.

Our company provides dog park packaged and individual features for public parks, multi-family housing, apartments, municipalities, rest areas, hotels, rv parks, airports, doggie daycares, restaurants, anywhere furry friends are welcome. We have both tradition and combination courses to help train dogs and contribute to their agility. These expertly configured courses are sure to bring out the champ in your community pups! You will enjoy training and watching your dog(s) grow in confidence and he or she will enjoy the challenge. What to create custom courses? Hand pick from our agility product lines to create your one-of-a-kind destination

Also available with recycled products…grooming tables, tunnels, hilltop challenges, dog jumps, teeter totter, doggie dash, weave posts, dog walks, stepping paws, kind of the hill, adjustable hoop jumps, doggie crawls, grooming tables
including choices for Natural Dog Park Adventure with log benches, log tunnels, stepping stone and tree stumps for doggy fun

four playgrounds which are available to ship immediately upon purchase