Parks for communities are located in cities or towns and their purpose is to accommodate a wide range of recreation needs based on the surrounding community. These recreational parks have many activities and amenities to keep visitors of all ages active and engaged.

Parks may have nature trails, swimming pools, splash pads, basketball courts, tennis centers, volleyball courts, thematic playgrounds and more features. Community parks also commonly feature picnic areas and pavilions and other additional facilities like bathrooms, parking, indoor recreation space, event space and on-site park attendants.

In addition to providing spaces for people to exercise and relax Parks provide environmental services, including water filtration, flood protection, and climate change mitigation.

Parks are beneficial to communities as they create a space for community members to congregate and enjoy the outdoors / nature in a safe place; children can play under supervision and community members can improve their health with exercise equipment, all within a controlled environment.

For your community to reap the benefits of parks and recreation areas fully, these places should have attractive designs, accessible amenities and playground areas.

Having a nearby park is irresistible to surrounding residents. In urban areas, parks may be one of the only options for residents to enjoy the outdoors and be active. In addition to the variety of amenities, playgrounds and parks are beneficial in many other ways:

  • Contribute to community identity
  • Provide active and passive recreational opportunities
  • Appeal to all ages
  • Contribute to the health and wellness of a community
  • Create valuable green space in urban areas

In addition to Parks being beneficial to humans for many reasons, and they also are a boon to native plants and animals. In urban areas like cities, parks are an effective area to encourage native flora and fauna to flourish & grow. This also makes the area more inviting and safe for local wildlife to enjoy.

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