Did You Know…Almost 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year?

National CleanUp Day was created by hiking enthusiasts Steve Jewett and Bill Willoughby in partnership with Clean Trails, a non-profit that works to keep the outdoors clean.

The unofficial holiday raises awareness about cleanliness and reducing litter in the areas we all enjoy. It is all about Cleaning the Outdoors. So if you enjoy going to the local playground, park, beach or local wooded area this is a good way for you to give a little back to our environment that provides a location for amazing adventures and experiences.

The outdoors can bring a lot of joy and peace to those who enjoy hiking, walking, and climbing. Unfortunately, littering and trash can ruin the experience. Not only for you, but it can also negatively affect the flora and fauna. National CleanUp Day is an attempt to bring together those who love the outdoors and nature to help clean up trails, parks, beaches, and other natural communal spaces.

This day encourages people to make an effort to reduce littering and to recycle so that the nature around us remains clean and free of garbage. It is a great way to get kids to care about the world they live in especially natural and communal places where we gather.

The Outdoors–be it a playground or a place to walk or hike–provides a higher quality of life for those who go there. The core philosophy of National CleanUp Day is that our quality of life can be widely impacted by the nature around us! Garbage- and litter-filled natural spaces can negatively impact an individual’s sense of well-being as well as the environment. So, we get together with friends, family, and co-workers to organize a cleaning trip to the closest park, hiking trail, or beach and make a difference!

On this day, raise awareness against littering and throwing garbage in communal spaces through social media and word of mouth, or you might join or organise a local clean-up crew and help clean up your outdoors or communal spaces.

Lets pick up the litter and make the outdoors and shared spaces we all enjoy, that much better for all.


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