Today, on National Best friends’ Day, take time to celebrate that special someone(s) from your life. It’s even more important now as many of you have been isolated from friends during the recent stay-at-home orders, to reconnect and enjoying time spent with your best friends’ is a great way to transition to normal life.

And, the impact of the stay-at-home orders was likely felt quite heavily by our children who have had a difficult time staying away from their friends.  Today is a perfect day to ensure that your kids have a chance to celebrate and maybe doing some exciting with their “bestie.”

For Tweens and Teens, think of arranging a sleepover. Maybe plan a picnic at a local park, or maybe a playground date to reconnect! Or, perhaps that best friend is a dog or another kind of animal. If so, take the pair to a local Dog Park.

Whatever way you choose to reconnect with your best friend(s), make it a memorable occasion and think about getting outdoors in nature. It is so important to our overall health and wellbeing, especially during these very trying times.

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