Celebrating the National Park & Recreation takes a whole month! This July, let’s pay tribute to the men and women who manage our majestic national parks and recreation areas. These unsung heros provide essential services that make our communities better places to live, work and play. These frontline staff are confronting our most pressing health, environmental and social challenges on a daily basis. These issues include homelessness, substance use disorders, the obesity epidemic and other chronic health issues like Covid-19, and other flus and viruses.

During the stay-at-home orders over the last few months, we can all agree how important the outdoors and nature are. Where would we be without those who help us establish and maintain our quality of life by contributing to the physical, economic, and environmental well-being of us all.

This month, let’s celebrate our local parks and recreation centers by encouraging the exploration of our national parks to enjoy outdoor activities. Parks not only support the enviroment by cleaning water, preserving wildlife and offering refuge to animals throughout the seasons, they also create connections across communites. Parks encourage people to congregate (easy to practice social distancing in a park!), explore nature, enjoy sports, beaches, trails and a host of other recreational activities.

Take time to go to your local park with your family and raise awareness about the important contribution that parks make to our enviroment and communites. Join us in celebrating throughout the month by sharing your park and recreation story with pics using the hashtag #WeAreParksAndRec.

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