Today is National Ice Cream Day!  Did you know that some studies have shown people buy and consume more ice cream on a Sunday than any other day of the week? That makes it incredibly synchronistic that this year’s National Ice Cream Day lands on Sunday! Why not take the kids out to get their favorite flavor ice cream cone and visit their favorite playground!

Officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, this holiday was supposed to only be celebrated on July 15 of that year. Of course, the ice cream industry seized the opportunity to continue the tradition every year thereafter. Now, not only is today declared to be National Ice Cream Day, July has been designated as National Ice Cream MONTH! This too has now become a tradition.

Traditionally made by freezing a mixture of cream or milk, sugar, and some kind of flavoring, ice cream is often eaten as a dessert after a meal or sometimes as a midday snack. Ice cream treats have a long and varied history, although not much is known about its true origins. Some historians have attributed ice cream to the Chinese, while others suggest that the Romans were involved, mixing snow with honey and fruits to create the first ice cream prototype.

Either way, the early types of ice cream were nothing like the ice cream we are familiar with today. They were only for the Royals back then. And, in olden days, before refrigeration, ice cream was a food reserved for the royals and the rich only, eaten on special occasions. Refrigeration technology quickly made ice cream a commonly enjoyed dessert around the world. Today, people make ice cream rather easily at home through the use of portable ice cream makers.

So, how is National Ice Cream Day celebrated?
–Many ice cream parlors and stores offer discounts on their ice cream on this holiday. Why not get a discounted ice cream cone?
–You can have ice cream for all your meals and considered it as a nutritional food group for this day.
–Why not make your own ice cream and serve it to family and friends.
–Use this day to get creative with your flavorings. What about adding mint to your strawberry ice cream? Or bacon bits to caramel flavored ice cream?
–How about using cookies and making some ice cream sandwiches or make an ice cream cake?

So this Sunday when you are out enjoying your favorite ice cream flavor if you are in the park or at your local playground there is a good chance you will be sitting on one of our benches or throwing your ice cream wrapper away into one of our trash receptacles .  And if your local area doesn’t have enough benches or trash bins in good working order you could start a collection to buy another or make a donation to the community and buy one yourself.

In summary, even if you don’t live in the United States, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating this awesome holiday. After all, ice cream is a delicious treat in every culture.

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