National Senior Citizens Day recognizes our senior citizens in communities across our great Nation. Given our quickly changing society and fast-paced lives, not to mention the health situation we’ve been facing, circumstances have make it even more difficult to give our senior citizens the attention they need. With various stay-at-home and isolation orders, life is making our seniors on the whole feel particularly vulnerable and alone. Let’s use this day to remind us to reach out, making some time to spend and touch their lives in some form of meaningful way.
Anything from a simple phone call to making an extra trip out to pick up some groceries or other items for the store can go a long way to showing that you care. And, there is never a more important time to remind children how to make time for their elder family members and other senior citizens in our communities. How we teach them to treat our elders will reflect in the way our children to treat and care for us in our twilight years.
Many elder people need to get outside more, into nature and enjoy local parks and open spaces. It’s relative safe to spend time outdoors for seniors right now so long as social distancing is practised. Why not explore opportunities to participate in activities like getting out into the garden or adding some flowerbeds together to brighten up their personal spaces.
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