We can probably all agree that parents and kids have been spending way too much time indoors. Parents have been working online from home and kids have been finishing up their school year online. And, everybody has been PLAYING online. It’s safe to say we are ALL very likely to want to celebrate “Take Your Parents to the Playground Day.” EVERYONE can use some fresh air! So, there are certainly other options available to ensure that everybody gets a chance to spend time in the outdoors today on this fun holiday!

Perhaps you might consider a nice picnic and a walk at your local park. Or, perhaps an outing might be in order to a state park for a mini-hike. You could even plan something in your backyard. Whatever you chose to do or wherever you choose to go, there are huge benefits to physical outdoor activity no matter what your age. This activity builds strong healthy muscles and bones and engages children’s imagination, leading to greater creativity and self-confidence. The more children play, the healthier, smarter and happier they are. And that actually goes for parents too!

Even if you choose to spend this fun holiday on the living room floor having a picnic, make sure it’s a fun filled play extravaganza. Why not share stories of your favorite playground memories? Mom and Dad can even share playground stories from when THEY were kids…

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