Keep America Beautiful Month in April reminds us of ways we can improve our environment. It’s not just about picking up trash and keeping our own living space clean. The movement celebrates the efforts we make in the key areas of reducing waste, preventing litter and beautifying communities.

It’s about uniting communities in common goals. Together, we can live in more beautiful and clean neighborhoods.


Reduce waste by repurposing and reusing old items. Recycling is another meaningful way we can all reduce waste in our communities.

Teach children the importance of preventing litter. Adopt-a-highway, street or park programs are an excellent way to educate and beautify at the same time.

Beautifying your community can be a fun and creative project. Clean up the winter debris in your yard. Plant a tree, some flowers or even a garden. Put a fresh coat of paint on your fence or deck.

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There are many ways we can all help beautify our part of the world.
Use #KeepAmericaBeautifulMonth to share on social media to raise awareness is one of them.

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