Congratulations to the City of Booneville on their amazing new playground design and installation in Booneville, Mississippi! This community of 9,000 residents now has an iconic play space in which to be physically active and socially engaged.

“This new Kids Town installation will inspire new memories with many accessible play areas,” said Chris Lindley, Mayor of Booneville, Mississippi. He continued by saying, “It was time to update the old Kids Town playground due to an aging structure and poor visibility.

“Although there were many cherished memories made on the previous playground, this new Kids Town installation will inspire new memories, with many accessible play areas, improved supervision qualities, and a face-to-face swing that allows parents to capture live video of their child swinging to share with family and friends.”

Kids Town at Plumrose Park – City of Booneville, Mississippi
four playgrounds which are available to ship immediately upon purchase