What a great day to get outside to your local park with family and friends to enjoy and celebrate International Picnic Day. Or take the opportunity to gather with your family, outside, even in your backyard. Or possibly take an outing to one of our great state or national parks to enjoy a nice picnic.

If you have little ones, you can turn this into a real fun game by preparing some great picnic foods. Teens and tweens can help in the food prep as there are all kinds of simple dishes and sandwiches that even the most tech-leaning teen can whip up. Have them Google something easy to make! or put them in charge of taking loads of photographs and post them to social media with your friends and extended family.

However (and wherever) you choose to enjoy your picnic and celebrate International Picnic Day, you will likely be enjoying some of our quality outdoor recreational products. Whether it be the playgrounds the kids play on, or the picnic tables you eat at, trash bins to keep your area tidy, or even the dog park picnic area, Bliss Products and Services provides its outdoor play space customers with “Everything under the sun!”

four playgrounds which are available to ship immediately upon purchase