Pineview Elementary’s New Basketball Shelter

Pineview Elementary is thrilled to reveal their new outdoor basketball shelter, allowing students to play year-round basketball regardless of the weather. This incredible new addition was designed specifically to enable all-weather play. The sturdy enclosed structure provides ample protection from rain, wind, and other elements that previously cut games short.

The school community is excited about how the new shelter will be a game-changer for the kids.

Now they can enjoy the sport they love every day without weather getting in the way. Pineview is grateful to their parent-teacher organization for fundraising this wonderful new amenity.

The new basketball shelter ensures Pineview’s students can keep shooting hoops in any conditions. It’s an exciting upgrade that will bring years of all-weather fun and fitness to the school and community. The students are eager to start using the shelter for recess basketball games and practices.

four playgrounds which are available to ship immediately upon purchase