Green Solutions & Recycled Plastic

“Our customers get the best of both worlds: Products made entirely of recycled plastic that also have the beauty of natural wood.” Jayhawk Plastics

Playground Equipment

BigToys Recycled Steel and Plastic System Features:
  • We don't downgrade our materials for lower prices. Our 6" diameter tubing is standard on all BigToys school-age and EarlyWorks™ preschool playground equipment. These critical structural supports, produced from U.S. made, reclaimed steel offer incredible strength and durability for all children.
  • Unlike most metal playground equipment, BigToys' galvanized steel tubing is first primed and then powder-coated for superior rust resistance. This "triple-coating" greatly reduces the likelihood of rust "traveling" under the outer paint layer if metal components are scratched down to the raw steel underneath.
  • Our plastic decks, enclosures and roofs are made from 100% post-consumer, recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Internal fiberglass-reinforcing is added to deck and enclosure supports for maximum strength and no sagging!
  • We pre-drill every hole needed at the factory to assemble your BigToys so there is no need for on-site fabrication. This keeps the integrity of our triple-coating protection intact so our pipe won't rust around connection points.
  • Textured HDPE deck surfaces exceed the ADA requirement for slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Each BigToys internal connector can hold up to 5,000 pounds. This simple but sturdy connection allows you to spend more of your budget on fun activities and not expensive clamps that are easily mis-installed.
  • A rugged, cast aluminum end cap tops each steel upright, providing a finished look and connection point for attachments.
  • Our unique textured powder coating helps keep pipe surfaces cooler in hot weather and gives children a tactile experience different from common glossy coatings. Contact a Sales Rep

Recycled Plastic Site Amenities

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Jayhawk Plastics (FROG Systems) Features:
  • Jayhawk's Frog Furnishings are good for the environment. Recycled plastic saves trees and reduces landfill usage. Many forms of post consumer waste, such as plastic milk jugs, are the main ingredients in our eco-durable, long lasting Recycled Plastic Material. Our Frog symbolizes our efforts to reduce the destruction of our precious forests.
  • Jayhawk's Recycled Plastic Material does not need to be sealed, painted or stained and cannot rot. Our proprietary coloring process seals in color and is uniform throughout the material with the introduction of our unique UV Protection Phase and ensures the beauty of the plastic well beyond wood, metal or expanded steel. Our Frog Furnishings are designed to be placed in service and left alone. Maintenance departments love the ease of recycled plastic!
  • The Recycled Plastic Material used to manufacture our Frog Furnishings is extremely durable. Pens and markers can be washed off. Paint will not bond to the surface and is easily removed with sand paper or scratch paper. Surface cuts and scratches can be simply ironed or sanded away. The sheer weight of many of our products makes it difficult for them to walk away. Our surface or in-ground mount kits offer even more security for our products.
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